1. Entry formalities
2. Are foreign inoculations needed?
3. What medication do I need to bring?
4. What about travel arrangements?
5. Tell me more about domestic flights from BA to La Pampa.
6. Any idea on private air transports from Buenos Aires to La Pampa?
7. Any cost figures for ground vehicles from Buenos Aires to La Pampa ?



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La Pampa climate is moderate with no particular rainy season. The seasons in the Southern hemisphere are opposed to the seasons in the northern hemisphere, with high temperatures from 30°F to 95°F depending on the season.  The humidity is low. It is a great way to take a break from cold winters, or escape from summer heat.
During Argentina summer, December, January and February temperatures raise up to 90°F.
In March, April and May is moderate, with temperatures ranging between 59°F and 83°F.
Light garments for the day and warmer clothes for mornings and evenings are recommended. In June, July and August, the climate can be quite cool with temperatures ranging between 32°F and 68°F. Therefore, warm garments are suggested.    Please check La Pampa conditions through Accuweather La Pampa


The official currency is the Argentine PESO.
End 2018 US dollar exchange:
USD 1 = $37 (pesos)
EURO 1 = $43 (pesos)
Most shops in Buenos Aires will accept dollars and give you change in pesos if they do not have dollars. Credit cards are widely accepted, especially American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners International. Travel checks are not always accepted and when they are, banks and shops will charge approximately 4% for exchanging them. For personal checks, banks also charge between 4% for exchanging them. We suggest that you bring cash and use credit cards and/or personal checks for higher expenses. It is always a good idea to  check the exchange rate before departure.