You have got to the right spot if you are looking for a free range dream bowhunt…

Bowhunting in La Pampa is something that you will remember forever, stalking roaring Red Stags in the vastness of it´s free range endless woods; medal class trophy fallow deer, challenging water buffaloes in deep brush, spot & stalk huge boars during night, axis deer on hilly terrain, different Rams, long shots on plains blackbuck antelope, mouflons rams plus more!!

Poitahue Ranch is run and managed by 2 experienced bowhunters. That’s why we can offer a service aimed for bowhunters, that’s why you can bet Poitahue ranch will exceed your bowhunting expectations. We share your passion for bowhunting

We can provide full guided services, several sections suitable for bowhunting, several species, non stop free range action through open plains and small hill sections, untamed experience, fair chase hunting like no other place in Argentina. Bowhunting in woody areas assuring close encounters with shots in between 20 and 30 meters… plains areas will require longer shots for those who want to try it. Tons of fun for every level.


  • The only lodge in Argentina managed and run by pro bowhunters.
  • Loge Manager shoots for Prime bows, Grizzlystik, G5 and other top brands.
  • Core location of the www.bowhuntinginargentina.com network.
  • The first bow friendly free range ranch in Argentina.
  • Total of +85,000 acres of free range.
  • Ground blind and stands suitable for bow hunting.
  • Our 4,500 acres well known “El Monasterio” Preserve.
  • Trained guides on bowhunting.
  • +13 free Range Big Game species offering different levels of difficulty.
  • Close encounters at the woods sections plus longer shots at plains section.

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