My experience here was out of this world! I cant say enough about food, facilities, hunting, but particularly the staff. They treated us like Kings and Queens. I was particularly thrilled with the opportunity to take a stay with my bow. My guide had the patience of Moses. Thanks you very much.

Mike Malek. Michigan - USA

To all Poitahue. The facilities and hunting areas are top notch. Combine this with excellent cuisine and a staff that Exude hospitality makes Poitahue a world class hunting destination! Thanks for a great time!!.

Jim Murphy, Florida - USA

This was the first experience on a ranch and I had a very very good time. The food was very excellent and the staff was very nice and helpful. We had a great time out hunting. Our guide was very Knowable about the hunt. I shall remember this trip forever.

Dan and Derry Petre , Michigan - USA

It is hard to find the words to describe our visit. I had a wonderful time. I watched as both of my boys took them first Stag. This is a most beautiful place. Everyone here was great. We will certainly be back. Our first hunt date.

Bill Park - USA

I am shocked at how good of a time I had here at Poitahue. For a 5 star first class palace to hunt red stag this if the destination to be. I know and my friends next year. I absolutely had a blast . The hunting is amazing and the food 100%. Poitahue is still on my top 5 places to go even thought I have already been here Its no coming off.

Michael Kent Firestone - USA

I have so much appreciation for all here at Poitahue. The hunt , the guides, the staff and the accommodations are all absolutely wonderful to me. My sincere thanks to Alejandro and his wife.

Kito Charles Mock - Florida - USA

This place was out of this world! I'm a bow hunter and I can tell you that these guys really know their stuff. The guides are experienced and many are actually bow hunters themselves. They're set up to cater to bow hunters and provide different hunting options including spot and stalk or hunting from blinds or tree stands over food plots!!

Ken Vandervest - D&R Sports Center – Kalamazoo, Michigan

My stay in Argentina was priceless I am sad to leave this beautiful country I have come to love the people it is most definitely an unspoiled location. I took a very nice 17 points Stag, a Wild Goat, a Fallow deer, a Puma and a Water Buffalo that charged and fell a only 10 Steps !!

Colorado Buck - USA

It was a memorable stay that will provides memories for a life time. The entire staff makes you feel at home and takes care of your every need. I hope this was the first of many visits to Poitahue.

Scott Karriker, USA

Great ranch and hunting. Rough but real hunting with great guides that help and insure a good and successful trip. Ranch staff very friendly and takes care of every desire!

Charlie Nicholas – Texas, US.

The three North Americans came to chase red deer and make new friends. We have had a wonderful time both with the hunt and with the great hospitality of the people. Until later, many thanks.

Henry Chidgey - Texas, US.

The amount of game and ample opportunities at harvesting game. Also, the excellent accommodations, food and professional guides.

Jeff Eno - Haileybury, Canada.

Everything was wonderful… except I thought the kitchen was too big!! PS: We’ll be back!!

Jim Shockey - Canada

What an awesome place and trip! Great food & wine, excellent accommodations, and tremendous Wing Shooting and Big Game Hunting, but more important, great people and new friends! Thanks so much!

Tom Cunningham - Illinois, USA. Jim Shockey Adventure Hunts

The most fabulous place in the world, the people are so nice, the food and hunting was perfect! I will be back soon!

Brian "Pigman" Quaca – Texas, USA.

Thanks for sharing Poitahue with our family. This is a beautiful place with nice healthy animals. We appreciate the hospitality from you and your staff.

Amy & Tal Elliot and Jan & Richard Elliot - Texas, USA.